Twifo-Hemang Lower Denkyira - Ghana

Twifo Praso, is a cosmopolitan town in Ghana. It is located at the north eastern portion of the central region, precisely in the river Pra basin and seventy (70) kilometres away from cape coast in the rain forest belt of Ghana.

It is the capital of Twifo Atti-Morkwa District Assembly. The people are largely subsistence farmers. The most common food commodities are cassava, maize/corn, plantain, cocoyam (tuber) and fruits such as oranges, pawpaw and mangoes.

The area is also a cocoa (used for making chocolates) growing area. Some of the people are traders engaged in buying and selling of all kinds of commodities ranging from food stuffs, clothes to light and heavy homewares.

Some of the people are also self employed engaged in carpentry and masonry services, welding and fabrication of light and simple machinery like corn mills, palm kernel crackers palm oil extractors, building machines and auto-mechanic services.

The location and landscape of the town is in itself a tourist site. The river Pra also provides striking sceneries with its huge gray-black rocks. The river expands to about hundred and ten (110) metres in wide through the town narrows.

The Kakum National Park in the District is a major tourist destination in the country. Where as the canopy walk ways of the park put tourist in an adventurous feeling, the wild animals on the ground and several hundred species of trees and shrubs provides that needy environment that throws visited into acknowledging the beauty of nature.

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